Cap Seat Page

This page is to provide some information on the various cap seats and seals that are found on Milk Bottles. For more information, please contact John Tutton at or one of his books that are available here.


Cap Seat Example 1:

New milkbottle made by Stan-Pac,the only new milkbottles available today. Note the bottle lip, these bottles are square and  DO NOT have a cap seat


Cap Seat Example 2:

Pictures Stan-Pac milkbottle lip and inside of lip-no cap seat these bottles are not reproduction as they are made to hold milk and are used as such.

capseat3.jpg (24815 bytes)

Cap Seat Example 3:

Modern reproduction with pour spout–sold as gift items and does not have cap seat

capseat2.jpg (19489 bytes)


Cap Seat Example 4:

Picture of a turn of the century milkbottle with cap seat markeda ledge which kept milkbottle cap from going into milkbottle
capseat6.jpg (17278 bytes)

Cap Seat Example 5:

Machine made milkbottle with cap seat marked-most of all collectible milkbottles are like this bottle
capseat7.jpg (17542 bytes)


Cap Seat Example 6:

1890 milkbottle-blown in mold with lip applied by hand and as noted-this bottle has a cap seat

capseat8.jpg (25092 bytes)

Cap Seat Example 7:

As noted-hand applied lip –note square lip–this bottle does not have a cap seat

capseat9.jpg (21605 bytes)


Cap Seat Example 8:

Same bottle as above showing no cap seat, smooth glass into bottle with no ledge to catch milkbottle cap on.

capsea10.jpg (17934 bytes)