John Tutton has written seven books and numerous magazine/newspaper articles about Milk Bottle Collecting and Milk Bottle History. Of the seven books, only 2 are available at this time, Udderly Splendid and  Udderly Beautiful.

Udderly Splendid  First Edition  (2003)

176 pages of full color photographs, advertising, and valuable information to milkbottle collectors, dealers, and historians.

Udderly Beautiful  First Edition
A Full Color Pictorial Guide to the Pyroglazed OR Painted Milk Bottle.

Udderly Delightful Third Edition 

         An updated guide to collecting Milk Bottles (1998).

Udderly Fantastic First Edition

         A Pyro Primer of Painted Label Milk Bottles.

Udderly Delightful First and Second Edition
A guide to collecting Milk Bottles.          
Udder Delight      First and Second Edition
A Milk Bottle History.