Early American Workshop News

John Tutton had the pleasure of appearing on Food Networks popular series “Unwrapped”. The show will air on April 25, 2005 at 9 PM EST. The show was filmed at his home in Virginia with his Milk Bottle and Dairy item collection for a special show on Milk Bottles and Dairy foods.

tv001.jpg (91147 bytes) Keith the camerman setting up and filming a shelf of milk bottles.

tv002.jpg (116903 bytes)  Genen the production managerand Keith setting up another shoot.

tv003.jpg (88740 bytes) Maxine Tutton getting ready for her film debut in the milk bottle room.

tv004.jpg (88449 bytes) John Tutton made up and ready to start filming.

tv005.jpg (88714 bytes) Keith and Genen setting up another shot and getting it just right.

tv007.jpg (52890 bytes) John Tutton on location in front of the camera and milk bottle collection.